Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in Bedford, Lynchburg & Roanoke, VA

Bring Us in for Duct Cleaning and Maintenance

At Johnston Cooling & Heating of Bedford, VA we promote and provide indoor air quality evaluations, air quality testing, and duct cleaning services to ensure proper air flow, prolong the life of your system, and increase the quality of air in your home.

We understand that healthier air leads to healthier and happier lives; and we are glad that you have chosen us to help improve your indoor air quality. Whether through maintenance, duct cleaning, inspections, or a simple evaluation, we are here to help.

"The best way to improve symptoms is to eliminate the source of the allergen from the home whether that is the pet or a heavily mite-infested upholstered chair. The next best step is to take measures to decrease the exposure to the allergen. Other important measures are to increase the circulation of outdoor air into the home and to reduce the humidity as much as possible."

-This quote is from, a leading and reputable air quality evaluating organization.

Air Duct Cleaning Services


We know you understand that cleaner air is healthier air, and healthy air leads to healthier lives. At Johnston Cooling and Heating we promote and provide duct cleaning as an essential way to improve indoor air quality, and prolong the life of you and your system. Poor indoor air quality and poor system efficiency directly affect our health, our environment, and our wallets. Air sensitive populations such as asthma and allergy sufferers, people with respiratory conditions, children, and pregnant women are a few whose health is directly at risk in poor air conditions. Fortunately, we offer solutions. Here is our process:


Our air quality solutions start with our thorough indoor air quality evaluation and testing. This allows you to see where your indoor air quality ranks, and what you are breathing. Then, we look into the existing ducts with a fiber optic camera. Often what we find is quite scary. Duct systems are a favorite hiding space for mold, bacteria, pet dander, small toys, and dust mites.


After testing, we clean all the existing duct work. Once finished, we fog the entire system with an antimicrobial spray, and finish with a thorough cleaning of the existing heating and cooling systems. This is the most efficient way to clean the entire system, prevent cross contamination, and inhibit future mold growth.


While cleaning, we check the existing duct work for minor flaws or holes. Resealing these places helps reduce or eliminate future contamination and improves comfort and energy efficiency.


Properly protecting air flow protects the HVAC system and ductwork from further contamination. Restricted air flow puts more stress on your system reducing its lifespan and efficiency. For your convenience, we offer a variety of enhanced filtration upgrades such as, standard and electro static filters, new air-flow registers, Lint Alert Alarm Installation, UV lights, and anti-microbial treatments.


  • Fiber optic video air duct inspections
  • Thermal imaging energy efficiency audits
  • Blown insulation for heat/cooling balance
  • Residential and Commercial Duct Cleaning

Lint Alert

Protect Your Home From Dryer Fires in Bedford, Lynchburg & Roanoke, VA

Let our Experts Install a LintAlert System Today

When was the last time you checked your dryer's exhaust hose for lint? If you don't remember, it's time to call Johnston Cooling and Heating, LLC. Our technicians can examine your dryer hoses and install a LintAlert system for you today.

Over time, lint can sneak through your dryer's filter and get stuck in your exhaust hose. When lint builds up, your chances of a dryer fire increase drastically. Don't risk the safety of your family! LintAlert attaches directly to your dryer's exhaust hose and monitors for lint. When your hose is 60% blocked, it'll alert you with an LED light and alarm.

Protect your family and home today by calling Johnston Cooling and Heating. We'll discuss your LintAlert options and schedule an appointment with you. We look forward to working with you.

How can you tell if you need to check your exhaust hose for lint?

Lint is the leading cause of dryer fires. Avoid fire damage by watching for these signs:

  • Increased wear and tear on your clothing
  • Unusually expensive energy bills
  • Longer drying times
If you've noticed any or all of these signs in your home, call Johnston Cooling and Heating, LLC today! We'll send out one of our experienced technicians to check your dryer for lint blockages.