Air Quality

By installing an air purifying system, you can significantly improve your family’s overall health, kill viruses, and limit dust.

Johnston Cooling & Heating is proud to offer state-of-the-art air purifying systems. We partner with Healthy Climate Solutions to provide an extensive range of filtration systems that can be installed in your home. By improving your home’s air quality, you can better protect your family from harmful contaminants—including mold, allergens and even bacteria. The Healthy Climate line features products capable of filtering up to 95% of infectious airborne bacteria particles as small as .3 particles. Some systems can also filter over 90% of airborne viruses from the air, including MERS, the flu, the common cold, and other similar viruses. When you have a robust air purifying system installed, you can feel more at ease knowing you are taking precautionary measures to protect the health of your family.

Johnston Cooling & Heating can help you select the right air purifying system to suit your family’s needs. Contact us today to learn about what options are available.   

We offer indoor air quality evaluation & Installation of iWave Ionizers. iWave Ionizer technology cleans the air through needlepoint bipolar ionization.

Eliminate particles, and airborne viruses and reduce allergens.

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